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The Unser Racing Museum Presents ''Evolution to Revolution''
The Exhibit includes motorcycle racing on oval board tracks, which was very popular at the turn of the century. Beginning in Europe, it reached its height of popularity in America during the "risky and roaring" twenties. On Display are three board track cycles from the world renowned collection of Oklahoma businessman Chip Fudge, accompanied by rare video.

Additionally, architect Joe Slagle has loaned the museum his hand-built V-8 Panhead for display, along with a Ducati race bike from PJ's Motorcycle and a custom Harley Davidson from Thunderbird Harley Davidson of Albuquerque.

The exhibit runs September 26th, 2009 thru Fall 2010.

Evolution to Revolution, Feel the Thrill!!
Source Unser Racing Museum
Author Susan Unser
Date 2009-09-26
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